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CID Insurance is committed to keeping you, our broker, educated on current insurance trends, risk management and claim information that can be valuable to your insureds.  We will continually provide up to date information so be sure to check this page regularly.

New Cyber Standards
The malicious nature of cyber criminals has prompted cyber insurance carriers to implement new guidelines for clients.

Current Trends for Technology Companies

Current Trends for Technology Companies
Despite the resilience of various sectors within the tech industry, COVID-19 and the shifts in our economy have created new obstacles for tech business owners.

How to Run a Successful Insurance Agency
In each profession, there are qualities that make people good at their jobs. This is no different in the insurance industry.

Prospect Pipeline for Nonprofits

Build a Prospect Pipeline of Nonprofit Clients
One of the most basic sales fundamentals involves pipeline management, or, in other words, building the list of potential prospects that can become clients.

A Deeper Look at Professional Liability Insurance
Learn more about Professional Liability Insurance, the common policies, the costs and why your insureds need this coverage.

Commercial Insurance Blogs

Vendors are Back in Business
With the trend of outdoor activities during the summer, it is critical for your vendors to have the appropriate coverage for the risks they face.

Car Dealership Insurance

Vacant Buildings Increase Due to Pandemic
U.S. vacany rates grew to 20% in Q2 of 2020. Many professionals in the sector do not foresee the commercial real estate industry bouncing back until 2022.

Microsoft Phishing Scam

Social Service Organizations Surging
Operations and social interactions are on the rise, and working individuals will need to find summer camps for their children, especially with many returning to the office.

Car Dealership Insurance

Used Car Dealership Insurance
Need an Auto Dealer Quote? Our markets are able to provide fast, competitive quotes. Learn more about the different classes, requirements and coverages.

Microsoft Phishing Scam

Microsoft Phishing Scam
Phishers have recently targeted Microsoft Office 365 users with specialized links that take users to their email login page. Make sure your clients have Cyber Liability.

Discrimination Lawsuits

10 Tips to Avoid Discrimination Lawsuits
These 10 tips can help employers reduce their chances of being sued for increasingly common discrimination claims.

Cyber Business Interruption

Cyber Business Interruption
In the past, organizations tended to focus on business interruption after an event. Now, more organizations are taking a proactive approach to managing their risks.

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