Wholesale Insurance Brokers

In essence, a wholesale insurance broker acts as a bridge between retail insurance agents and insurance carriers, specializing in excess & surplus insurance markets. These markets cater to unique, distressed, or high-capacity risks that standard insurers typically avoid.

When a retail agent encounters a risk beyond the realm of traditional insurance, they turn to wholesalers like CID Insurance Programs. These experts navigate the surplus lines market, tapping into a network of carriers to find tailored coverage for their clients.

Wholesale brokers offer diverse services, from negotiating rates and coverages to providing vital insights on policy options. They serve as invaluable allies in crafting insurance programs for complex risks, ensuring clients receive optimal protection.

The Distinction: Wholesale vs. Retail Insurance Broker

While retail brokers directly engage with insurance buyers, guiding them through the maze of policies, wholesale brokers focus on helping retail agents gain access to markets they wouldn't otherwise have access to. Unlike their retail counterparts, they seldom interact with buyers directly, instead collaborating directly with agents to secure coverage for complex needs.

Why Wholesale Insurance Brokers Matter

Expertise: With years of specialized experience, wholesale brokers excel in securing favorable terms for hard-to-place risks, ensuring comprehensive coverage while minimizing costs.

Speed and Efficiency: Thanks to their flexibility and industry connections, wholesalers expedite the underwriting process, accessing markets swiftly to address challenging risks.

Strong Relationships: Building bridges between retail brokers and carriers, wholesalers foster long-term growth opportunities and facilitate smooth transactions in both soft and hard markets.

Surplus Lines Brokers vs. Managing General Agents (MGA)

Surplus lines brokers wield special licenses to access unconventional policies, while MGAs operate on behalf of insurers, wielding binding authority to tailor coverage for clients' needs.

The Business of Wholesale Broking: How They Make Money

While commissions remain a primary revenue stream for wholesalers, they may also earn income through broker fees and profit sharing. This multifaceted approach ensures financial stability while rewarding expertise and performance.

Finding the Right Wholesaler: Where to Look

In the vast landscape of wholesale insurance broking, identifying the best partners is paramount. Industry accolades and peer recognition can guide retailers toward reputable and reliable brokerages, ensuring seamless collaboration and superior service.

CID Insurance allows retail agents to obtain quotes without being appointed. This enables agents to test CID's markets and service to make sure they're a good fit for their agency before moving forward with requesting an appointment.

Why Brokers Should Choose CID Insurance

Fast, Easy and Competitive Quoting Options

Our top priority is to deliver competitive quotes in a timely manner. We make it easier than ever to get a quote, and you don’t need to be appointed. Try our phone or web quoting options or submit a completed application today.

Access To A Wide Range of Reputable Insurance Companies

We have developed strong relationships with top-rated admitted and non-admitted, surplus lines carriers. As your preferred wholesale insurance broker, this gives us the freedom to offer unique, specialty products and coverages that best fit your insureds’ needs.

Experienced & Responsive Underwriters

Our underwriters have years of experience in their areas of specialty. As a wholesale insurance broker, we have navigated both soft and hard markets. This experience allows us to adapt to changing markets quickly and effectively.

Lucrative Commission Structure

Our competitive commission structure is designed to create a win-win opportunity. We charge small, reasonable broker fees which gives you the ability to add your own fee onto your client proposal.

Licensed to do Business in 14 States

We are licensed to write wholesale commercial insurance in 14 states. While we are a wholesale insurance broker headquartered in San Diego, California, we also have strong markets in many regions of the United States.

What We Write

Our wide range of commercial insurance products is available to all of our appointed retail brokers.

Tools & Services We Offer

We are committed to helping you grow your commercial insurance book of business. Take advantage of all the tools & services we offer your agency.

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