How to Run a Successful Insurance Agency

In each profession, there are qualities that make people good at their jobs. This is no different in the insurance industry. In addition to possessing these qualities, there are also strategies agents can implement into their insurance agency to increase their chances of being successful. Let's go over the best qualities and strategies for insurance agents.

Top 3 Qualities of Successful Insurance Agents

Being an insurance agent is hard work. Running a lucrative insurance agency is even harder. These are the qualities you will find in the best insurance agents at the most prosperous insurance agencies:

  1. Be Human. The best insurance agents put their clients' needs above all else. Caring more about helping people have a more stable and secure future will go a long way in the relationships you form with these people. Listen to your insureds, understand what they are asking for and put their needs first. Having genuine compassion is a key quality good insurance agents have.
  1. Have Tenacity and Integrity. There will certainly be bad days on your way to becoming a successful insurance agent. Your agency will face rejection. It takes a dedicated problem-solver to not succumb to a defeatist attitude. You'll find yourself with opportunities to take shortcuts or withhold information, but the strongest agents remain honest, respect their clients and are up front with them at all times. Having a strong moral compass and work ethic are two keys to winning in the insurance industry.
  1. Understand the Business. There are certain aspects of this business that agents need to be aware of in order to have success. Staying up-to-date on changes in the industry, as well as the overall economy, will put you ahead of other agents when your clients are deciding who is more competent. When you are figuring out the best ways to run a successful insurance agency, start with your understanding of the business as a whole. Learn about the financial and legal aspects of the different insurance products you are selling, the technology that is required and what team members you will need.


Four Strategies to Implement into Your Insurance Agency Immediately

Whether you are just starting your independent insurance agency or you want to learn new ways to manage it, you will need to implement repeatable business strategies to have consistent results. Here are some strategies that are proven to bring you the best results for your agency:

  1. Set Goals. If you don't have goals, how are you going to measure success in your agency? How will you know if you're successful or not? If you don't know where you want to go, you will not get there. Take some time to create weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual goals. This applies to your sales numbers, marketing plan, referral program and anything else you can think of. You need to know your Key Performance Indicators.
  1. Invest in Your Agency. Your greatest asset is your staff. Invest in their training and overall well-being so they can be the best representation of your company. Every amazing insurance agent has an incredible support team behind them that keep everything running smoothly. Figure out which roles you need to hire. Most agencies have an operations manager, claims manager, office manager, accountants and a sales team. Once you have the team together, invest in creating an environment that breeds success. Your team needs to stay motivated, maximize their talents and be reliable. Develop genuine relationships with them, empower them and set clear priorities.
  1. Invest in Yourself. If you've been in the insurance business for a while, you might think you're an expert and you have nothing else to learn. This couldn't be further from the truth. This industry is always changing and you have to stay ahead of the curve if you want to succeed. Making education a priority, attend webinars, look for carrier events and continue improving. Invest in your own personal development and pass your wisdom on to your staff.
  1. Constantly Improve. This is about showing up and always wanting to be better. Of course, you should take time to celebrate your accomplishments, but there shouldn't be a point in time where you think you've done enough and you can stop trying to be better. There are always processes within your agency that can be done more efficiently. There is always more you can do to improve your team and their skills. Consistently coach your staff, even the ones you consider superstars.


Starting and maintaining a successful independent insurance agency requires your full attention. You can't avoid putting in a tremendous amount of time, money and effort if you want to reap the benefits throughout your entire career. Take advantage of the many tools we have that are designed for you to grow your commercial insurance agency. Everything from marketing flyers and proposal templates, to webinars and blogs, we have what you need to be successful. 

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