Claim Trends in Management Liability

Boards of directors are faced with a host of difficult decisions navigating an ever-changing landscape during a never-ending pandemic.

Nonprofits are no exception, and more and more boards are seeing the value of protecting their organizations and personal assets with a comprehensive Directors and Officers policy.

9 Exposures Boards are Seeing:

  • Board diversity and funding implications
  • COVID-19 restrictions, requirements and how to handle vaccines
  • Challenges to exceeding board authority in handling the pandemic
  • Restrictions to amenities and services
  • Breach of contract for cancelled events
  • Financial impact and altered operational abilities
  • Changes to their insurance driving more boards to take a fresh look at what is covered and for how much
  • Legislative changes at the state level such as extended statutes of limitations or business immunity
  • Additional defense expense as courts strive to resume their normal pace of scheduling

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