Making and Receiving Payments Payments Broken Down

Agency Billed Policies

Insureds will make gross payment to their agent. Agents will submit net (withholding their commission) payment to CID, using one of the below methods.

Online Payments (Preferred Method of Payment)

Click the link below to make a free ACH or credit card payment online.

Mail Checks
CID Insurance Programs, Inc.
7125 El Cajon Blvd., Suite 3
San Diego, CA 92115

CID is committed to making the payment process efficient and easy. Below we have broken down the ways to make a payment and what to expect when looking to receive a payment from CID.

Carrier Direct Billed Policies

Insureds will pay the carriers directly for their premiums.

Agents who owe returned commission can use one of the below payment methods.

Mail Checks
CID Insurance Programs, Inc.
7125 El Cajon Blvd., Suite 3
San Diego, CA 92115

If you have questions regarding direct bill payments, please contact our accounting department at, (619) 593-2023.

Billing Questions

Is there a cost associated with paying online?
  • ACH payments (preferred method of payment) are free. Please use our ePay option here to make a free ACH payment online.
  • Credit card payment options available through ePay and are subject to standard processing fees.
I’m a finance company looking for return premium on a policy. When can I expect a check?
  • Return premium credits are issued approximately 60 days from the processing/effective date of the endorsement. For exact figures, please email and include “Return Premium” in the subject line.
When do I (the agent) receive direct bill commission?
  • The direct bill commission process is as follows: the insured pays the carrier → the carrier pays commission to CID → CID pays commission to agent. Agents can expect to receive their portion of commission approximately 60 days from the effective date of the policy. This timeline is contingent on the insured's payment to the carrier.

For all other inquiries, please email