Growing E&O Need for Consultants

Organizations are faced with many decisions every day regarding their overall operations. These include gaining customers, building brand awareness, hiring talented and diverse people, managing workflow and financial planning. Many small to medium organizations don’t have employees who specialize in these business disciplines. In order for organizations to be competitive and work through challenges, there is demand for consultants in the following areas: diversity, equity and inclusion, marketing, human resources and business.

Based on the demand, the need for errors and omissions (E&O) coverage is also increasing. CID is here to help with obtaining E&O coverage for consultants and assist insurance professionals with how to educate their clients working in this space about insurance protection.

The following overview highlights how consultants can help various organizations:

  • Diversity, equity and inclusion consultants help organizations change internal cultures to embrace qualities, experiences and work styles that make individuals unique based on employees’ ages, races, religions, disabilities and ethnicities
  • Marketing consultants help organizations market their products more efficiently. These can include assisting with brand awareness, digital/social marketing, content creation, logo and design and web presence
  • Human resource consultants help organizations hire and retain employees, develop bonus and commissions programs, recruit, implement flex work schedules, create employee benefit packages and coordinate and assist with federal, state and local legal requirements organizations need to obeyed by 
  • Business consultants help organizations with operational efficiency, leadership training, financial health and profitability

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