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Eligible Products & Info Needed to Quote Download a Printable List of Products

Commercial Products

    1-4 Family Dwellings (Liability Only)

  • Number of units

    Beauty, Barber Shop, Nail Salon

  • Number of full-time and part-time employees (20 hours per week or less)

    Clothing Stores

  • Annual Sales


  • Annual Sales
  • Does concessionaire operate at one location or multiple locations?
  • Number of Events per year

    Contractors Equipment

  • Name of applicant
  • Location address
  • Type of contractor
  • Limits for scheduled vs. unscheduled equipment
  • For Scheduled limits:
    1. Highest Value of a Single Piece of Equipment
    2. Is all scheduled equipment 5 model years old or newer? (affects whether we can offer replacement cost)

    Electronic Stores

  • Annual Sales

    Fitness Centers

  • Annual Sales
  • Membership

    Home Based Businesses

    Inland Marine Select

    Janitorial Services

  • Number of full-time & part-time employees

    Land Leased to Others

  • Number of acres
  • Type of land (if leased)
  • Number of locations (if vacant)

    Laundromat & Dry Cleaning Services

  • Number of washing machines

    Lawn Care

    Liquor Liability

  • Annual sales (provide breakdown between food and liquor sales)

    Main Street Mercantile

  • Annual Sales

    Office Package

  • Square footage

    Residential Condo Investors

  • Number of units


  • Annual sales (provide breakdown between food and liquor stores)
  • Number of nights of major entertainment per week
  • Is there a dance floor?
  • Does applicant have adult entertainment or is this a gentleman’s club?
  • Are there tables?
  • Is there table service?

    Special Events

  • Type of event
  • Dates of event
  • Type of coverage desired: Genera Liability, liquor liability, or both
  • Number of attendees per day (for general liability)
  • Number of consumers of alcohol (for liquor liability)

    Specialty Training Schools

  • Annual Sales


  • Number of Units

    Umbrella/Excess Liability

  • Class of Business
  • Underlying premium
  • Underlying general liability limits
  • Underlying carrier
  • Underlying form

    Vacant Building

  • Square footage

    Vacant Land (Liability Only)

  • Number of acres
  • Number of locations

    Note: To add property coverage to any risk, we’ll need to know the following information:

  • Building construction type
  • Year built
  • Square footage (only needed if building coverage is desired)
  • Protection Class
  • Type of property coverage and limits for each (BPP, Business Income etc.)

Non Profit Products

    Arts & Culture

  • Annual # of attendees / spectators (for performing arts organizations)
  • Square footage (for libraries, museums, art galleries, etc.)

    Charitable Foundations

  • Square footage and/or number of members
  • Schedule of events including estimated number of attendees

    Directors & Officers Liability

  • Class of Business
  • Annual Revenue
  • Number of employees

    Houses of Worship

  • Square footage

    Specialty Non Profit Package

  • Square footage and/or number of members
  • Schedule of events including estimated number of attendees

    Youth Sports Organizations

  • Number of participants 14 years of age & under and sport(s) played
  • Number of participants 15-18 years of age and sport(s) played

Professional Products

    Consultants E&O

  • State
  • Description of Operations
  • Annual Revenue

    Employment Practices Liability

  • Class of Business
  • Number of Employees

    Property Management

  • State
  • Annual Revenue
  • Types of Properties Managed

    Technology Professionals E&O

  • Description of Operations
  • Annual Revenue
  • Number of Employees