Top Resources to Find Local Non-Profits

Nonprofits are everywhere, and many of us have personal connections to them, such as the church we attend, our children’s sports leagues, the food bank we donate to during the holidays, or the thrift store we support. As an insurance professional, you might ask for the opportunity to help with their insurance or even for referrals from the nonprofits they work with. However, if you are looking to build your network more quickly, here are a few resources to consider: 

Cause IQThis resource provides information on nonprofits by city/state or by type of nonprofit. A simple search will produce the number and a list of a particular type of nonprofit in your state. For example, a quick search can produce the number of recreation, sports and social clubs for your state. This can even be sorted to target certain sports, such as baseball or tennis leagues. 

Church AngelA directory of churches and religious organizations in the U.S. Your search can target a state, city or denomination.

GuideStarThis is one of the largest resources of information for nonprofit organizations by city/state, description of operations and financial information.

Charity NavigatorIn addition to providing information on various nonprofits, this website also evaluates nonprofits and accepts donations.

FOODPANTRIES.ORGThis website identifies food banks, soup kitchens food pantries and Meals on Wheels by regions.

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